Tales of Umbria

Chapter One

Our story begins at the mouth of a cave, with four intrepid companions.  A noble Paladin, Tristan.  A stalwart fighter, Ser.  A kleptomaniac rogue, Lars.  And a young elven druid, Arin.  The quest, to destroy the evil man-eating bandit lord Agaloth and all his company.  Heroically, Intrepidly, Dashingly, the party stumbled upon the secret entrance behind the waterfall at the back of the cave, Agaloth's time was almost up!

Lars led the way, creeping along the passageway and handily dispatching a careless guard that had made the fatal mistake of turning his back.  The party came to an antechamber guarded by a handful of miscreants at the far end.  Between them a chasm spanned by a narrow rickety wooden bridge.  The druid smothered the lights and Lars picked off another surprised bandit as the Paladin rushed by leaping over gorge and zealously laying about himself and having at the poor wretches.  Somehow, in the commotion the bridge caught fire, the already weakened structure collapsing beneath the weight of a charging Ser.  Ser caught himself, narrowly avoiding a horrid drowning as the shattered remains of the bridge splashed into the water below.  Hoisting himself up he too leaped gaping void to join the fray.  What followed is best described as a massacre, the fearsome foursome cleaving their way through the foes, pursuing them through the underground warren.  Finding themselves in the final chamber, they at last stood facing their quarry, Agaloth the Man eater.

In the final chamber upon a raised platform stood Agaloth and his few remaining brigands.  Below in a kennel a two-headed abomination of a hound snarled at the intruders.  Agaloth, made a pathetic last attempt to talk his way out of certain doom, but the druid, understanding little, darted forward conjuring a flaming scimitar out of the air the others quickly following.  Lars loosed an Arrow taking one of the henchman opening the cage between the eyes, but alas! Too late to prevent the hound escaping, bolting straight for the offending archer.  The nimble rogue would spend the rest of the battle deftly avoiding the slavering fangs of the beast as he was pursued about the cavern.

Tristan, Ser, and Arin made short work the remaining brigands till at last it was just Agaloth surrounded on all sides single handedly dueling the three heroes whipping his scimitar about with the fury of the winds.  For a time it seemed he might just prevail after all until with a last desperate, mighty two-handed swing of his longsword, Ser cleaved Agaloth's head from his shoulders thus ending the battle.

Agaloth was dead, the hoard was looted, and the party returned to the village whence they came from to collect their bounty and there was much rejoicing…


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