Umbria is a dark and ancient land who’s history has long been forgotten. Bardic tales recall long forgotten cities, times of  peace, prosperity, and above all else, the archaic dark arts known as Magic. 

Long ago, a cataclysmic event known as The Abandonment, cast Umbria into a time of shadow. Once every cycle the darkness comes, bringing with it cruel winters and unspeakable terror. After a time, the shadow is lifted and Umbria is  reborn. However, It is not long until humanity is once again preparing for the coming sleep.

After The Abandonment, many nations took an oath in preventing similar events. So began The Spell Spurge. During this  time, Magic was sought out and destroyed in all of its forms. No longer will you find court wizards, traveling mages or  schools for sorcery. In their place you will find burnt stakes and chard remains. 

This is Umbria

Tales of Umbria

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